the Story

The Beginning

Jamie McGowan, the founder, wanted to try something new in his life. He always wanted to start a real business, but he didn't know what he wanted to do or how to do it. He talked to numerous people about starting something, but they didn't respond in the way he wanted. It was more discouraging than encouraging. That is when he flipped it around. Instead of listening to people who have never tried, he decided to trust in himself. However, he still didn't know what to do until he was stuck with family for more than four hours at the airport. That was a process in itself, but he walked around the airport looking through outlets during that time. He knew he needed to purchase a new carry-on bag. So, he bought one he "thought" he liked at a premium price. A few weeks later, the bag had fallen apart in many places. From there, Jamie knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to provide classic and stylish-looking bags that have quality. Not only offer the quality but make the bags more price-friendly to customers. It was at that moment he began to look at different suppliers and manufacturers to provide such bags. When he found the style and quality he was looking for, he had a product. What he didn't have, was a name that would go with it. 

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The Name

The name was the hardest thing to come up with. He didn't want it to be too dull and not mean anything. It took a lot of thinking and experimenting, and nothing seemed to work out for the longest time. Until he was sitting in his college dorm room listening to music. There was this one word that crept into the background, and the word was invincible. From there, this was his eureka moment. He didn't want to say invincible, so he began to use different languages with the word. Again, nothing seemed to work. He thought of a different approach and told himself, "What language would make this sound unique but sound meaningful." After some thought, he knew the only language that could do that was Latin. So he put invincible in Latin, and from there, he couldn't use it. The name he chose was trademarked by another company. SHUCKS!! After that, he took another approach. He began to think of what the business would be like and what he felt during this experience. He thought of words such as bold, courageous, and audacious. From there, it clicked again. He did the same process again and got the name Audacia out of it. Since he was trying to be courageous starting something new, he wanted to inspire people to do the same. That is where travel audaciously became the subline of the name.

The Struggle

 Jamie had the product picked out and the name established; he needed to build a social media gathering and a website for people to order. It took him an additional month to make sure everything was working correctly. Then it came time to announce the launch of the website! Everything was beginning to fall into place. he thought. When he was starting to type the announcement on social media platforms, a new virus (COVID) came into effect. However, like any other virus, he thought it would disappear from the media after a few weeks. That wasn't the case. Businesses started to close their doors, airlines were no more, no travel was advised, etc. Although the pandemic was an issue, he still promoted the products to get awareness out. He knew that he would be wasting money on ads, but he was focused on the long term.

The Road So Far

Like it was said previously, it has been a struggle. However, Jamie is in good spirits to get things going again. He is a firm believer of one of the greatest quotes of all time by Lao Tzu, "A Journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step." Every day faces a new challenge. Some challenges are much harder than others, but you just have to take one step at a time. However, this year will be the best yet. You can't move forward without obstacles that challenge you to become better. This year, Audacia will begin to shine a little! All it takes is a little time.






Thanks for reading!!